Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

Do you have shrubs or trees that need pruning or you just want to reduce the height of your hedge or have dangerous trees too close to your home or business and need the complete dismantling, canopy reductions, stump removal and site clearance. Bourne to Garden have qualified tree surgeons on the team (Arborists) for tree removal, dismantling or removal of any branches that are damaged, weak, dead or diseased as well as removing climbing plants such as Ivy to thoroughly clean out the tree.

Fully Qualified and insured to undertake tree work, Bourne to Garden have felled the smallest tree to dismantling trees in excess of 150ft. From pruning fruit tree's to reducing, thinning, lifting or shaping your tree we can accommodate. Chipping and Stump Grinding complete our Arboricultural services.

We can provide professional tree inspections, surveys and reports plus consultancy regarding tree care and protection. Working alongside highly qualified and experienced assessors.

Our clients include local authorities, large land-owners, architects and developers and housing associations as well as private home-owners. We are happy to carry out any size of job, from the inspection of a single tree for hazard potential through to BS5837 surveys and reports for hundreds of trees on a site to be developed.

Our professional and experienced arboricultural consultants are able to provide advice on any aspect of your trees.

We believe that trees are just one component of an inter-dependent, diverse and complex ecological system, providing food and habitat to all manner of flora, fauna and fungi. We take a holistic approach to tree management and care and will always consider (and try to retain or increase) the ecological values of trees and woodlands. Bats, moths, birds, squirrels, deer, mice, beetles, lichen, Porcini mushrooms – they all rely on trees to some extent.

We are fully qualified and insured.

This work consists of but is not limited to:

  • Pruning
  • Reductions
  • Removal
  • Lifting
  • Stump grinding
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